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A day in the         life

Physical Training Sessions

Strength and Conditioning Sessions

  • Focused on developing a foundation of strength and explosivity based on the latest in strength and conditioning programming.

Speed and Footwork Training Sessions

  • Improve top end speed and footwork through fundamental track work and plyometrics.

Skill Development Sessions

  • Learn a wide array of transferable athletic skill-sets such as; hand eye coordination, reaction time and decision making.

Mobility Sessions

  • Develop an understanding of why and how to implement appropriate mobility work into your training program.


Mental Training Sessions

Goal Setting and Sports Psychology Sessions

  • Develop strong foundation setting your goals and a fundamental plan of how you will achieve them, along with the how to overcome any challenges along the way.

Sports Psychology Sessions

  • Unearth your ‘why’, mindset framing, mental preparation among other strategies to perform at your best, consistently.

Meditation and Visualization Sessions

  • Develop a meditation practice that improves your ability of single point focus and mental resets. Progress this newfound ability into a visualization practice that will prepare your nervous system for all scenarios.

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