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Far too often young athletes are injured, suffering career-limiting and lingering injuries before they can reach their potential. This is often due to a muscular imbalance between their anterior and posterior muscular chains. Another limiting factor in the development of the athlete is mental acuity and forging the connection between the mind and body. The focus of Fusion is to combine the theoretical and practical training systems into one comprehensive program. Appropriate strength, mobility, speed and skill development assist athletes to prevent injury and enhance their performance. An exciting field of research is  placing an increasing emphasis on the benefits of mental training. Fusion is looking to provide young athletes an introduction to both the physical and mental training that will assist them succeed in athletics and life.


Fusion aims to aid young athletes develop tools of introspection and practical application of training modalities. Often, as an athlete, you are taught to push through the pain, leading to overuse injuries. This is especially prevalent when moving up to a new level of competition and working with a strength and conditioning coach who may or may not have a comprehensive background of their new athletes. Working through the practical and theoretical training systems, athletes will become more attuned to the messages their body is sending them and have the ability to communicate them effectively to their coaches.

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