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Corporate Health Solutions 

Redefining corporate and employee wellness

Our Process

Crafting solutions as unique as your business


Initial Consultation


Needs and Wellness Plan Assessment


Unified Vision and Proposal Creation


Implementation and Optimization


Ongoing Support and Evaluation

Our Impact

Crafting solutions as unique as your business


Organizational Alignment 

  • Creation of a unified health and performance vision.

  • Comprehensive needs and health/wellness plan assessment.

  • Customized proposal for tailored health and performance programs.

  • Insights on workforce trends and solutions for leadership.


Talent Optimization

  • Personalized sessions with certified health coaches.

  • Tailored programs for movement, nutrition, recovery, and lifestyle.

  • Comprehensive analysis of bloodwork and wearable data.

  • Personalized health screenings and assessments.


Talent Attraction and Retention


Culture Building

  • Health coach led onboarding session to allow customization of wellness plan.

  • Discounts and access to premium brands, apps, and wearables.

  • Data-driven health coaching for the entire workforce.

  • Health and wellness screening or assessments (NPS focus).

  • Custom activations and engagements based on workforce data.

  • Virtual classes (mindfulness, exercise, yoga, etc.).

  • Interactive workshops and company-wide challenges.

  • Ongoing education via newsletters, emails, and resources like "The Vitality System."

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your business, get in touch today.

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