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A personalized, high-touch coaching experience that fuses technology with tailored services to optimize workforce health and business performance.

Trusted by the best

With a proven track record across Fortune 100 companies, professional athletes, and high-growth startups, you can trust us to elevate your workforce health to peak performance.

At Fusion, we understand that every business is unique and requires personalization to achieve its wellness objectives. Our approach aims to weave health and performance, into your company's DNA for sustained success. Unlike generic solutions, we collaborate closely with you to integrate the best practices tailored to your business, driving tangible progress and fostering a high-performance environment. Let us elevate your team's wellness and your business's performance together.

Our Approach

Our Services


Health Coaching

Full suite, concierge health coaching services for your current and future leaders. Leveraging technology and a high touch point coaching philosophy we ingrain the culture of performance through our unique health coaching system. 


Company Wide Activations

Engage and develop your team with integrative workshops, competitions, and learning modules designed to foster well-being and performance throughout your business.


Corporate Health Solutions

We assess your current health plan, create future-proof proposals, and unify your health and performance vision statements, aligning them with your organizational goals.


Facility Management

We create personalized solutions for your health facility. Programming, services and staffing are built around your needs to ensure maximum impact. Create a passive income stream while engaging talent and residents alike.

Our Impact


Organizational Alignment






Talent Attraction and Retention



Team and Culture Building


Learn how our expert team can transform your health and business.

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